Learn How To Play Golf

Playing sports for the first time is not always easy. Although golf is said to be a very relaxing and cool sport, it is not all that easy if you are just learning to play for the first time. To make your golf experience more fun, I have gathered some tips to help you learn exactly how to play golf.

Have a Working Knowledge of the Rules

Before considering golf, it is important that you grasp the rules of the sport. Every sport has its own unique set of rules and knowing them by heart will make your learning smooth and much more fun. Be open to asking questions on particular rules that others in your group play by. Try as much as you can to know the rules they play by so that there is no confusion during your learning process.

Take Golf Lessons

The best way to learn something and be good at it is actually doing it! There is actually no big deal in signing up for golf lessons to improve on your skill level or even kick off with playing golf for the first time. Signing up for golf lessons will give you the opportunity to get some insight on the proper form and techniques. Signing up for golf lessons can also give you an opportunity to get one-on-one assistance with problem areas from instructors who are sometimes PGA professionals.

The Basic Shots Are Important

Before you start feeling like a pro and start taking a swing, you should try as much as you can to stick with learning the basics first. Some of the basic golf skills that first time golf players should concentrate on mastering include:

  • Getting out of a greenside bunker
  • Hitting an iron off the ground
  • Knowing when to pitch and when to chip
  • Stay calm when shots don’t go your way
  • Hitting a driver off the tee

Study Your Posture

An additionally important tip is to ensure that you have the right posture while playing golf. Make sure you are fully comfortable when you are standing in front of the golf ball. The way to get the right posture is to slightly bend your knees and allow your upper body to lean over the ball. Your feet and shoulder should be width apart. For someone learning how to play golf for the first time, it is good to ensure the equal distance between your front and back foot.

Practice Proper Swinging and Hitting Techniques

For a beginner to be able to grasp the game of golf, it is important that they know how to swing and hit the ball properly. There are three basic steps in swinging a golf ball: the takeaway, impact, and follow-through. Once the grip and approach are in the bag, the next thing you need to do is to learn how to hit the ball properly. It is best if you keep your feet planted during the takeaway and impact steps as a beginner. Do not lose your eye contact with the ball until the follow through is completed. To hit the ball properly, ensure you keep your lead arm as straight as possible. Your hips should be rotated, and you should ensure you transition your weight towards the back of your foot.

Watch the Grip

If you must be good at playing golf, you should be looking to master having the right grip. Having the right grip can make a lot of difference when you are playing golf for the first time. The one mistake majority of beginners make is grabbing the golf club and crib as they would grab a baseball. There is actually a proper way to hold the club and the grip. The proper way to do it is to ensure you hold the club in the hand that is closest to the hole. Allow your thumb to run along the top of the grip in a downward motion. The hand farthest away from the hole should go below the lead hand and interlink with the backhand pinkie with the pointer of your lead hand. At first, this might not look important, but handling the club and grip in the right way is very vital for a beginner to play the best golf possible.



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